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the end ;)

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Dear all,

after being inactive for quite some time I decided that it is time to let go.

I was approached by the people from, which kindly provided me the data for RegenRadar, asking me if they could take over the future development of RegenRadar. Since I stopped working on IPhone applications some time ago and I do not have the time to keep the app running, I decided to let them continue the work. I hope they will keep RegenRadar the nice and easy to use tool it was designed to be.

For any further inquiries please contact wetteronline directly.

All the best, m

427 vs 472

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

My recent attempt to fix a problem with Regenradar not displaying the correct location failed 😉 The problem occured due to a size change of the radar images provided by wetteronline. The displayed position is calculated from the longitude and latidue provided by the iphone GPS combined with the known longitude and latitude of two cities (Hamburg und Munich) and their position on the image (in pixels). When the size of the image changed, this pixel position of the cities needed to be udpated. While reading off the new positions from the image I introduced a typo, putting down 427px for Munich where it should have been 472px. So, while when being in Hamburg the position was correct, the further away the worse the position got.

tl;dr – new fixed version is on the way (1.3.6). I will test it today and will send it to Apple for review tomorrow.

[UPDATE] Update has been submitted to Apple, now we have to wait …

[UPDATE] Update is now available in the App Store. Please let me know about your experience (e.g. is the positioning now working as expected)


Saturday, December 6th, 2008
on spot

on the spot

I am slowly working my way through the IPhone feature catalog. Today on the menu: location based services.

I had my first test go with RegenRadar 1.3. When you read through the manual it sound like a piece of cake: four lines of code. You can get a location like this, true, but what if the user decides to not let you get the location? What is the optimum accuracy? And why is the location manager location not up to date?

See for yourself in RegenRadar 1.3.1. Available soon in an App Store near you.

But location based services do not stop there. Once it’s there, everyone can use it. And querying time tables can be so much more fun when the program knows where you are (as brilliantly demonstrated by Fahrinfo Berlin/Trip Planner and Fahrplan).

my debug console utility - nerd galore

Local public transit is not really the core of ZugInfo (Deutsche Bahn connections is), but according to some of the comments in the App Store people seem to use it exactly for this task.

So I decided to add the “nearby stations” feature. But of course, if you are not interest in this service, you can de-activate in the preferences and will never hear from it again.

silent hill

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Posts have been sparse in the last few days and this will continue for about another week. I am working nightshifts since three weeks and my sleep level has fallen below the healthy limit. Looking at myself in the mirror I consider getting a shotgun. I should stop watching zombie movies, they do not go well together with the sleep deprivation (or in fact, they do, but not in a healthy way).

Just to keep you posted:

  • RegenRadar will re-appear in the App Store next week. The copyright issues have been resolved.
  • ZugInfo 1.2 is in the beta testing phase on my IPhone.
    It features a location history list to speed up your workflow even more. Expect it in about 2 weeks

legal issues

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Today I had to remove RegenRadar from the app store. It seems, that the way I used the data from the website infringes their terms of use. I also learned that rain radar data is not for free (e.g. check out the prices from the dwd). Since I don’t want to start charging, I removed the app from the store. Sorry.

daylight saving

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

I always liked the daylight saving time. This completely (scientific proven) useless ritual always filled me with joy. The gambling with time, a quantity that can be changed by men, gain and loose, give and take, early wake-ups late-sleepins, and all for our own good, or at least natures.

So … daylight saving time sort-of-broke my RegenRadar app. It still works, but has hickups. The update is on the way (under review at the Apple HQ). No one got hurt, my ego maybe a bit.

And actually that is what I would expect from a weekend where men decide to change time. A little bit of chaos, like the one we expected for the millenium and which never happened (ok, I admit, millennium bug and my RegenRadar daylight saving time bug, not the best comparison).

Enough chit-chat: update is on its way and hope to see you soon.

good night and goodbye.

I have another 4h of work ahead waiting for me in a control room.

double d / crash

Saturday, October 25th, 2008
double d - no crash

double d - no crash

Due to the unforeseen popularity of RegenRadar, I decide to ship a quick update version to fix some annoyances. See above the result: now with panning and zooming (and it will remember the state) and always visible time information. The version is submitted to Apple and should be available in the App Store in about a week.

<tekk>The second point (clock) forced me to write my own MRImageAnimater, since UIImageView does not support notifying on frame changes. Additional side effect: since I threw out the UIImageView the application is much more stable.</tekk>

Which brings me to the last point of my post: At least two users reported crashes on their devices. I take beta testing very seriously and I test every new app version extensively for a few days on my own device, where I never managed to crash RegenRadar (and I tried pressing all buttons at once immediately after startup). But here comes the problem: I only own one device (IPhone 3G 16GB, OS 2.1), so I cannot test every configuration.

To help improve the app, could you file more complete bug/crash reports as comments to this post? If possible, they should include device type, OS version, what you did when the app crashed and if IPod was running in the background or not. Thank you, your help is appreciated.

PS: I downloaded FieldRunners yesterday and played it for two battery loads. I am stuck at wave 43. Any advice/help would be appreciated.

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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008
mrrr scrnshts

mrrr scrnshts

Well, 85% done, now it’s time for beta testing. And this could take some time … because … I am also waiting for my US (hopefully not) tax payer number. No worries, I am not going to start charging for ZugInfo. But I will offer a second version for money as donation ware. With no difference in features. Promise.

Btw. RegenRadar was planned as a joke (about the German weather) not a real application. Please, could you stop downloading. I promise I won’t do it again ;).

for umbrellas

Monday, October 13th, 2008
Not a beauty, but can save your precious haircut from getting wet.

Not a beauty, but can save your precious haircut from getting wet.

News from my (not so) secret new project: it has been submitted to the app store. Two down, 98 more to go. Just kidding. It is a remake of one of the most useful webpages (also available as widget) of all time: the “RegenRadar” (rainfall radar). Never again leave your umbrella at home and get caught in a rainstorm. Goodbye to bad wet hair. And most importantly: feel informed and impress others with your wisdom (“I can feel it in my bones, it will rain in the next hour or so”).