fear & loathing

Sunday will be the day. Sunday will be the day Deutsche Bahn will relaunch their website. Fear and loathing. Could not find anything on the mobile website, but if they overhaul that too, it will probably break ZugInfo. Stay tuned on Sunday night for updates.

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4 Responses to “fear & loathing”

  1. sven Says:

    Es ist bereits passiert… 🙁
    Ist es möglich, das via update zu fixen? Ich hoffe es sehr, ZugInfo ist so eine tolle App… 🙁

  2. Avalon Says:

    Well I didn’t even know about the re-launch and just learned the hard way that it won’t work any more (on Saturday, mind you). When I try to look for a Zuginfo connection, it gives me a parsing error 102. Hope you guys can fix it, and hope that info helps.
    Yours truly

  3. Michael Says:

    Hallo, heute wollte ich das erste Mal ZugInfo live testen und schon stellt die Bahn ihre Page um… Ich freue mich schon sehr, wenns dann funktioniert.

  4. Zoran Veresic Says:

    Great application, very useful especially if you are travel a lot and for railway fans. I hope you will continue to improve this program.

    Zoran Veresic

    Royal railway Society BALKAN STEAM – Belgrade

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