oops .. they did it again

Today the DB website changed and caused some problems with the ZugInfo display of the connection type (thx to Markus for pointing that out). I am working on an update…..

[Update:] I got a working version of a quick fix on my laptop. A few more test and I will submit it to the App Store.

[Update:] A quick fix version has been submitted to the App Store. If anyone knows how to speed up the Apple review process, please contact me. Thank you for your patience.

[Update:] Thanks to the Apple review team the update is now available at the App Store (Oct. 3rd).

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8 Responses to “oops .. they did it again”

  1. Fuchsauge Says:

    Wenn ich bei Verbindung den Zugtyp RE/RB auswähle bekomme ich bei meiner Verbindung auch den EN angezeigt. Da ich aber mit dem schönen Wochendticket fahren will nutzt mir das gar nichts.
    Die Verbindung die ich direkt über die Deutsche Bahn bekomme, zeigt mir Zuginfo gar nicht an.

  2. Christoph Stahl Says:

    Die englische App National Rail zeigt bei den einzelnen Zügen die genaue Position des Zuges, sowie entsprechende Verspätungen je Haltestelle. Super gemacht! Vielleicht könnte die DB auch solche Infos zur Verfügung stellen! Der DB liegen sie bestimmt vor.

  3. Col Says:

    For the past few weeks, I’ve been getting an error when performing any search with ZugInfo…

    “No connection found [2].”

    I use the app primarily in the UK, but have tried to enter a search between two German stations with the same result…

  4. herbert Says:

    Hi Col,

    are using the latest version (2.1.1)? Could you post an example connection (Arrival, Departure, Time, selected connections) for testing?

    Cheers, m,

  5. Col Says:


    Sorry for not getting back sooner! I’m still having the same problem on Zuginfo 2.1.3

    I tried a journey from Falkensee to Berlin on the 5/11/2010 departing 0700. Got the same error I reported before.



  6. Col Says:

    That should be 5/1/2010, tut mir Leid!

  7. herbert Says:

    hi col,

    it worked on my IPhone. But Falkensee does not seem to be a unique location. Did you get a dialog asking you which Falkensee you want to use? And do you have all train types selected? And do other connections work for you? You can try to reset ZugInfo from the preferences (this will delete all your save connections and favorites). Let me know, if this helps.

    cheers, m.

  8. Col Says:


    A reset sorted the problem. Thanks for the help!


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