This time, they got me good

April 1, 2010 – Today, changes in the DB website again broke ZugInfo. After a first investigation it seems that this time they got me good. There is not a change in the html output delivered from the site, which could be adopted to quickly. There seems to be a change in the CGI scripts, which prevents to use the API via standard methods from the IPhone. URLs that work perfectly fine from the browser window are no longer accepted when send from the ZugInfo code. I will investigate this further of the weekend, but at the moment I am not positive that there will be a fix any time soon 🙁

I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience, since I really planned to end ZugInfo graceously (see previous post).

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  1. Mark BC100 Says:

    This is very sad news. Don’t let us down, who we travel with BC 100, some days per week. Zuginfo could save train connections, an essential feature if you travel to foreign countries in the neighborhood, where roaming is expensive. Well, i would donate much more than only Euro if you won’t loose your patience and go on. Hope that other users would agree to it and send you many messages like this. Would be a sad world where people don’t want to pay for a nice App, as i soon want to publish one too, one you can use meanwhile you travel in trains, to tell what time you might arrive.

  2. Mark BC100 Says:

    … donate more than only ONE Euro, i meant …. Das kommt vom Schreiben in Englisch. Woher kommt das Programm?

  3. Phillip Says:

    Hey, i’m working for the Government. If you can provide code that shows Deutsche Bahn does these changes to keep others API’s outside, tell us that. Company’s like Volkswagen have to open their systems do to European regulation. We will do the same here, if needed.

  4. URa Says:

    I agree this is bad news – I’m travelling Deutsche Bahn daily (BC100 hostage as well) and have to say that DB Navigator is far from being an appropriate replacement for your app which used to be way more effective and comfortable in terms of functionality (like memorizing and mailing connections). I hope you’ll be able to get the app runnig again – and maybe Phillip’s above comment could be a tool to help solve that problem. Thanks for your work so far, hope to see ZugInfo up again soon!

  5. Michi Says:

    That is a really sad development. I have been using Zuginfo for quite some time now und it was just the best app around.

    DB Navigator ATM is no alternative, because with EDGE or GRPS connectivity (iPhone Classic/2G) the software is just crap to use.

    Best features were the little button to reverse the travel direction, saving connections and the intuitive use of the programm.

    I am no pro, but couldn’t you fake the HTTP user-agent to something else than iPhone? That should make it work again.

    Tomorrow I plan on writing a letter of complaint to DB. Although I don’t believe that will change anything, I do believe that they should know that their customers aren’t satisfied with how they operate their business.

    And the new mobile page isn’t really a joy to use – therefore no alternative.

    Thank you for your work and the merits you put into that great app of yours.

  6. herbert Says:

    hi all,

    thank you very much for the comments, i really appreciate it. I believe the main problem is not the technical side. It is possible to fake the http header etc.

    For me the main problem is that a the moment ZugInfo completely relies on an unstable API, that breaks in ever more frequent intervals. If ZugInfo will only work half of the time (assuming a change once per month), i think it is not really something I would want to put in the App Store.

    If anyone has contact at DB I would gladly discuss this with them (assuming they are interested).

    best wishes, m.

  7. Dirk Says:

    this is really sad news. i liked your App very much, especially the possibility to save routes and favourites. such a pity. good luck for the future and please tell me if you consider to relauch zuginfo!

  8. Michi Says:


    I don’t really have a contact at DB. But my father knowes some people who are into trains and the DB, and I believe one of them works there. Although I have no idea in what position etc.
    But I’ll give it a try.

  9. Michi Says:

    Well bad news on the contact side. my dad has no one who would be in the appropriate position

  10. hobbes Says:

    hello herbert,

    this is pretty sad news, cause your app was a very good companion – very reliable, had a very good usability and, and most of all, was much faster than the DB app.

    hope you’ll be back soon!

    pls don’t give up!


  11. Ljr Says:

    I will really miss Zuginfo.
    Shouldn’t we start some complaint or a request for a statement from Deutsche Bahn together?
    I am in 😉

  12. maDDin Says:

    this was the BEST app on an unjailbroaken iphone..

    the fact that this app doesn’t work any longer is another cause to sell my iphone…

    lost my jailbreak and now even a nokia is better :/

    f*cking crapple :/

  13. aufgomera Says:

    Hi Herbert,
    I understand your frustration and I can only hope you find an agreement with DB how to support their customers with your superb application.
    I love it and I miss it!
    Cheers, aufgomera

  14. Ken Says:

    I noticed this by accident and was rather shocked.

    Please don’t give up because this is exactly what they wanted you to do. I hope your App will return to the Appstore soon – until then I’ll leave your App on the phone just in case an update will bring back it’s functionality 😉

    It had been a great programm – much better than the Navigator!

  15. Martin Says:


    Even for blind people the app was/is a very good solution.
    The fevorits function for me was/is the killer argument.
    I hope that ZugInfo comes back.

  16. Martin Says:

    I wrote an EMail to the DB.
    Think it won’t change anything but im courious what they’ll answer.
    Your App was great! I miss it every day…
    F*** confusing navigator!

  17. Phillip Says:

    You need to contact HaCon (

  18. Winnie Says:

    very sad news…Zuginfo is a very good app. I really miss it !!!!

  19. Christian Says:

    hi everybody.

    just wrote a e-mail to hope everybody does the same! would be terrible to lose this app!

  20. Caro Says:

    MIST! I just realized that my favorite App for travelling no longer works. I can’t believe this happened. DB-Navigator is no alternative at all.

  21. Andialfa66 Says:

    My Most facorite app is gone? Cannot Be possible!!
    I always loved this app because of its easy use and its performance. DB Navigator is crep!
    I’ve no problem to pay for it, if you need more resources for R&D in order to break this nasty DB behaviour!! From my Point of view this app would 2,59€ worth.
    Regards, a very sad ZugInfo user

  22. Dr. Thomas Hilberer Says:

    I miss it!

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  24. Gary Says:

    A sad day for open standards… I really hope that you can one day “rise again” Excellent little app that saved me so much time and aggravation.
    Back to using this rubbish:

    Thanks again

  25. Peter Says:

    My car broke and I needed to switch to the train – only to find out the only really useable timetable app doesn’t work anymore and has Bern withdrawn from the app store.
    It is hard to NOT believe that the web site changes have NOT been intentional…

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