427 vs 472

My recent attempt to fix a problem with Regenradar not displaying the correct location failed 😉 The problem occured due to a size change of the radar images provided by wetteronline. The displayed position is calculated from the longitude and latidue provided by the iphone GPS combined with the known longitude and latitude of two cities (Hamburg und Munich) and their position on the image (in pixels). When the size of the image changed, this pixel position of the cities needed to be udpated. While reading off the new positions from the image I introduced a typo, putting down 427px for Munich where it should have been 472px. So, while when being in Hamburg the position was correct, the further away the worse the position got.

tl;dr – new fixed version is on the way (1.3.6). I will test it today and will send it to Apple for review tomorrow.

[UPDATE] Update has been submitted to Apple, now we have to wait …

[UPDATE] Update is now available in the App Store. Please let me know about your experience (e.g. is the positioning now working as expected)

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3 Responses to “427 vs 472”

  1. Ljr Says:

    I love Regenradar. Living in a city with a lot of rain, Regenradar is the perfect companion.
    Also I think that it is an iPhone app as it is supposed to be: it does one thing and it does it very well!
    BTW where is the Flattr-button on this page? Would like to click it 🙂

  2. Jochen Says:

    I’m a fan of Regenradar for years, but on what reason the update is limited to iOS 4.2 and higher?


  3. Fabian Says:

    First of all, a big Thanks for this great app!

    Since the last update, I am unable to zoom in/out in Regenradar using the usual two-finger multitouch gesture. I am sure that that worked a month before or so.

    It even used to remember the zoom setting upon exiting the app. So I could zoom to my favourite region and leave it. Or I could zoom out to see the whole image. Instead, now it cuts off the right part in standard zoom. And if I move the map to the left (at least moving works still), it is not saved.

    It would be very great if you could fix that and enable zooming and saving again, as before! Thank you very much for the great work!

    Best regards,

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