PLEASE NOTE: ZugInfo will not be developed any further. Please read these two post for more details: post 1 and post 2. We apologize for any inconvenience.


ZugInfo allows to query the internet timetable of the German railway system through the comfortable and fast interface of an IPhone application.

  • Fast access to the mobile internet platform of the Deutsche Bahn mobile.bahn.de
  • Easy to use interface with native IPhone elements (lists, choosers)
  • Detailed information for individual connections
  • Select arrival/departure time and train type
  • Fare information
  • Location history
  • Nearby stations
  • Save connections for offline viewing
  • Mail connections
  • Customizable (in the general IPhone settings application)

DONATION WARE: If you enjoy ZugInfo, why not support its further development an buy the donation ware version “ZugInfo Donation”? Available in every App Store.

DISCLAIMER: ZugInfo is not an official product of the Deutsche Bahn AG. It retrieves timetable informations from the internet pages of the Bahn AG. No guarantee can be given for the correctness or completeness of the displayed information. The internet pages might be subject to change which could render the application inoperable. ZugInfo is not intended to be used for railway timetables in other countries than Germany. An international English version is offered for travelers and non-German speaking persons.