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june 17

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

The day will finally arrive: copy, cut, & paste on the IPhone. No kidding.

Ah yes, and IPhone OS 3.0. Almost forgot about it. Unfortunately, ZugInfo was not yet IPhone OS 3.0 ready. Today I submitted a compatible version (2.0.2). But the people in the App Store review department seemed to be quite busy theses days. I am still waiting for the approval for a RegenRadar update I submitted 10 days ago.

Well, let’s hope for the best and keep the fingers crossed that the update will arrive in time.

near & far

Saturday, February 21st, 2009
Me an Eminem.

Me and the boys.

It’s been a while. I have been busy with my daytime job the last few weeks and there was not much time left for ZugInfo and friends. In the mean time, Apple decided to feature my App on the ITunes Store frontpage with a nice picture. Thanks for that! And thanks to everyone who wrote such nice things about ZugInfo.

In the next two weeks I will spend considerable time on trains, the perfect place to work on ZI. Currently, I am aiming for two updates in the near future, one of them is already finished and and runs beta testing on my IPhone: ZugInfo 1.5.1. It will deliver:

  • Delay information (again).
    This was implemented in 1.5, but shortly after the release the Deutsche Bahn changed their webpage (again) and I had to adopt the html parser accordingly.
  • User interface improvements
    e.g. date information for the saved connections.

This should be submitted to App Store next week. For the more distant future (and a release in about 3-4 weeks) I am working on ZugInfo 1.6, which should/could/would include

  • Updated user interface, to allow for an optional “Zwischenhalt”
  • Arrivals/Departures for a stop
  • Save queries/Favorites

I hear you 😉


Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Better late then never. And it’s only been one day late, so I can forgive.

“ZugInfo Donation” – 1,59 EUR or equivalent in the App Store. As Steve would say: “Starting today”.

To my knowledge1 this is the first donation ware in the App Store. I call it an interesting social experiment.

1as always: correct me in the comments, if I am wrong.

hold up

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

wegen unvorhergesehenen UmstĂ€nden benötigen wir mehr Zeit zur ÜberprĂŒfung Ihrer Anwendung ZugInfo Donation. Wir entschuldigen uns fĂŒr die Verzögerung und werden Sie ĂŒber den Status auf dem Laufenden halten.

That did not go according to the plan. The plan was to ship the new version of ZugInfo (1.2) together with a donation ware version (1,59 EUR, same functionality). While the update went smoothly through the review in two days, there seems to be an unforeseen problem (love the term) with my donation ware.

In order not to confuse too many people (the update version informs about the donation ware) I decided to pull ZugInfo 1.2 for now. It is scheduled to reappear in the AppStore on Saturday. Bear with me.

beaten by the pint

Saturday, October 4th, 2008
no suprise in Germany
No suprises in Germany

I got a little scared today when I browsed through the AppStore and found ZugInfo on position 15 of the most downloaded Apps, just beaten by the IPint.

First: Thanks folks, for all the downloading. I hope you enjoy.

Second: Dear Deutsche Bahn AG,

many people seem to enjoy this application. Maybe you could provide a stable web API, so I don’t have to live in fear of the day, you decide to change your website and break it.

Thank you very much.

PS: I never actually checked, if there is an accessible stable web API to the Fahrplanauskunft. If anyone knows of such thing, please feel free to enlighten me in the comment section.

oh hai II

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
in the app store now, ohhoh

in the app store now, ohhoh

I know, I used that title before. But what can you do. It’s out, officially, in the app store, for everyone who cares: ZugInfo. The ultimate tool. Let lightsaber look like a shiny toy (“Uhmm, Martin, lightsaber is meant to be a shiny toy.”).
September 2nd to October 1st, about four week for planning, learning, programming, testing and shipping, including daytime job and one week in France. Not bad. Today is about celebration. Tomorrow I will start thinking about version 1.1 (actually, most of it is already laid out, but if you have feature requests, feel free to leave them in the comments of the upcoming 1.1 post).

fly little birdie

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Today I finally found the time to upload ZugInfo to ITunes connect. Beta testing went well, I added a few tweaks (e.g. disble the “Search Connection” button when searching) and I think it is good to go. Of course, there are always tons of features that could be added and rest assured, they will make their way in one of the upcoming versions. But at one point one has to stop implementing and start shipping (ah, how I like that business speak). Let’s see what the geniuses at ITunes connect make out of it (maybe I should add a flash light feature?).

As a regular visitor of the App store, I find myself lost between all the flash-light-quick-dial-funny-noise-fish-sim “apps”. They should come up with a better system to categorize and order things. Or maybe I should stop browsing the App store and start reading reviews in other blogs. Or maybe I should start writing reviews in my own blog so people start reading it. Or maybe I should hire a monkey to code me light-saber-sound-flash-light-app, which makes a million on the App store and monkey and me we can move to gilligans island.