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week III

Saturday, September 20th, 2008
one two three, from ny to germany

one two three, from ny to germany

If you were wondering, if this was another blogged which quickly fades away after a first burst of activity … maybe it is. Na, just kidding. I was away in France for the week. There are no borders in Europe (at least for Europeans) and you can use the same currency in many countries, but they haven’t figured out how to “roam” your mobile phone in a affordable manner. Using my German IPhone in France, even with the same company as in Germany, would cost me a small fortune. No internet on the phone meant no real application beta testing.

But I managed to add the last missing features and if is doesn’t crash over the weekend, I will try my luck with the app store next week.

As expected, after spending 3 weeks coding in objective c and cocoa touch I found my code from week 1 messy and gauche (this came from the oxford advanced dictionary as an antonym for elegant). I cleaned up most of it, but will leave some for version 1.1.

PS: Yes, you can eat frog legs in France. They come buttered and fried and taste like chicken. Fishy chicken.

view! control! model!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
The teachings of cocoa

The teachings of cocoa

o hai. It’s been a while. Well, I have a day job too, you know. But that doesn’t stop me, it just slows me down. Soo, on a long train ride on Sunday I managed to clean up my code mess a bit and I had this brilliant idea: why not create an object that keeps the data and which can be accessed by all the controller (and which e.g. could be stored in a pfile to save the state of the application).

As it turns out, I was late, again. View! Control! Model! that is the teaching of the cocoa (has anyone seen the strange commercial for ice-cream, I think it was Magnum, where a bunch of women in the jungle pray and dance with their chocolate covered Magnum? strange world we live in…)

Now the app does all that and even shows an about screen. And if the searched destination or location is not unique the user gets a fancy table to choose from. It’s not spore, but it didn’t take me seven years either. Next I have to figure out how to get that into the app store.

PS: If you were wondering: I purposely ignored last nights Apple “event” in this post.

the sheep, the cow, and the chicken

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

So two layers did the trick, goodbye 90’s. But that’s actually not what I was about to rant: I was about to tell you, why the hell we need another teknerd  ranting about his coding problems, which extend to his life. Well … I don’t have an answer for that one, but I can tell you instead what I am planing to do with the rest of the week.

I am going to write my first application for the IPhone (see somewhere below). Since I don’t have a good reason why I should do it, let’s skip to the how: First need to learn objective c, then cocoa, then IPhone API (am I allowed to write that in a blog Steve?), better all at once. Thank god there is google. I was always a grandmaster at googling my code.

My project will be straight forward: a wrapper application for a website based query to a train timetable. Probably not what Steve expected when he was raving about the best mobile user experience, but useful nonetheless. And doable. So Apple Dev put me on track with NSURLConnection. Combine that with NSString and NSScanner and the controller (a fancy term I picked up in an Apple Dev video tutorial from the evangelist) is up and running. Objective C done. Let’z get to the IPhone touchy thing. I keep you (Dennis) posted.