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Saturday, December 6th, 2008
on spot

on the spot

I am slowly working my way through the IPhone feature catalog. Today on the menu: location based services.

I had my first test go with RegenRadar 1.3. When you read through the manual it sound like a piece of cake: four lines of code. You can get a location like this, true, but what if the user decides to not let you get the location? What is the optimum accuracy? And why is the location manager location not up to date?

See for yourself in RegenRadar 1.3.1. Available soon in an App Store near you.

But location based services do not stop there. Once it’s there, everyone can use it. And querying time tables can be so much more fun when the program knows where you are (as brilliantly demonstrated by Fahrinfo Berlin/Trip Planner and Fahrplan).

my debug console utility - nerd galore

Local public transit is not really the core of ZugInfo (Deutsche Bahn connections is), but according to some of the comments in the App Store people seem to use it exactly for this task.

So I decided to add the “nearby stations” feature. But of course, if you are not interest in this service, you can de-activate in the preferences and will never hear from it again.