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Saturday, August 8th, 2009

so many choices

After a long summer break I found some time to work on ZugInfo 2.1 .. and .. made good progress:

  • Save queries / favorites – basic implementation done
  • Cancel query – done
  • Save all / delete all connections – done
  • Secret of Monkey Island re-issue – completed

I still have to implement the editing of the saved queries, which turns out to be quite a pain 😉 So stay with me.

PS: I will have another look at the location to location search (instead of station to station), an option which is also offered by DB.

ZugInfo 1.1 – proposed features

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

After we got the shipping out of the way, let’s turn to more exciting things: the next version of ZugInfo. I already received a few feature request:

  • Landscape mode for results
    not sure about this one, maybe larger table cells instead…
  • History & favorites
    very reasonable, I will try my best
  • “Zuglaufanzeige” (?)
    Not sure, what that means. Maybe all stops and connections? You can find the on the second result screen (touch the connection)
  • Switch start and destination
    already implemented, just hit the arrows next to the input fields. I will try to make this more visible in the next version

I came up with a few ideas myself

  • Add to calender & send connection by e-mail
    IPhone specific cool stuff (and I believe, quite useful)
  • Fare info & additional details
    which also means, one has to set some preferences for the fare info
  • Improved backend
    • I hate that I am currently parsing the webpage. Maybe someone from Deutsche Bahn can contact me and allow me to use a stable interface – meanwhile, improve html parser, especially allow for parser update over the internet (this is probably quite some work, so don’t expect that in 1.1)
    • Details view should also be table – I used a simple view to get a nice background, but it’s not about the background baby, it’s about functionality

Please add all your feature requests as comments to this post and I will see, what I can do.

“Over and out”. – the list made me say that