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white cube

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Ones upon a time in the 90′ painting the walls in your shared apartment in bright colors was the chic. Especially in warm orange applied with sponges, or other seafood. We moved in a new apartment at the beginning of the 00′ and there was still some 90′ air lingering around, so our bathroom ended up orange, nicely matched with pink accessories. It already felt odd add that time, and all other rooms got the 00‘ white cube look. But now, it’s over. Really, it is over. So using a beautiful summer day of my holidays I took on the challenge to timewarp out bathroom to the 00′. Turns out the 90′ are pretty persistent. I post an update after the second layer.

Sidenote on summer in northern Germany: As for the inuits with white and snow, the northern Germans should have an extended vocabulary for grey and sky.