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aiks! bug.

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

So you think you thought of everything: you checked the code, ran the app, double checked the code. You designed crazy test scenarios, pressed all buttons at once, and let the app ran for two days straight.

But where there is the sea there is an island.

ZugInfo 1.0.1 – the bugfix release.

No more infinity loops for “Konstanz”, “Cuxhaven”, “Elsfleth”. No more confused results for “Nürnberg” , “München” and “Günzburg”. For the first time it does know Umlaute (and does not only pretend it does). And in addition: with memory management.

Believe it or not: the 1.0 version does not have a working memory management. Of course I read about it and tried my best. But in the end I though some code from Apple would take care of it (namely some UINavigationController method), but it obviously didn’t (try to run it for ~20 searches and see for yourself). Everything you have to do yourself.

PS: I spawned a new project. It has something to do with the recent weather developments in Germany (like, uh, rain or something).