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the sheep, the cow, and the chicken

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

So two layers did the trick, goodbye 90’s. But that’s actually not what I was about to rant: I was about to tell you, why the hell we need another teknerd  ranting about his coding problems, which extend to his life. Well … I don’t have an answer for that one, but I can tell you instead what I am planing to do with the rest of the week.

I am going to write my first application for the IPhone (see somewhere below). Since I don’t have a good reason why I should do it, let’s skip to the how: First need to learn objective c, then cocoa, then IPhone API (am I allowed to write that in a blog Steve?), better all at once. Thank god there is google. I was always a grandmaster at googling my code.

My project will be straight forward: a wrapper application for a website based query to a train timetable. Probably not what Steve expected when he was raving about the best mobile user experience, but useful nonetheless. And doable. So Apple Dev put me on track with NSURLConnection. Combine that with NSString and NSScanner and the controller (a fancy term I picked up in an Apple Dev video tutorial from the evangelist) is up and running. Objective C done. Let’z get to the IPhone touchy thing. I keep you (Dennis) posted.