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while i am at it …

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Sometime next week I will release another bug fix version of ZugInfo, which addresses a few of the long standing minor annoyances and should re-enable nearby stations (though atm only real train station seem to work anymore, sorry you public transport people). Here is the full list of fixes for ZugInfo 2.1.3:

  • Adresses an issues, which cause ZugInfo to incorrectly display all connection when queried from the favorite tab, while only local connections had been selected in the Favorite (only happened after first startup).
  • Fixed an issue with train type selection (now all ME connections from Goettingen to Hamburg should be displayed correctly)
  • Re-enabled nearby station (though atm only DB train station seem to work)
  • [Update:] Re-enabled via location
  • [Update:] Improved fare display

On a completely different note: I had quite a nice chat with the people from DB. Maybe I can convince them to include a save connection feature into DB Navigator (and ticket purchase, which would be the killer feature for me).

[Update:] The update has been submitted to Apple (Dec 23). Happy holidays to all of you!